Summoners are one of the two Cabalist classes. Summoners possess numerous summoning skills, as well as various support skills to control and improve the quality of their minions. Summoners can also heal themselves and their pets with various skills, and they possess some nifty attack spells of their own. Summoners do not need to wear Focus Items/Focus Items to cast the vast majority of their spells, and can therefore diversify their weapon choices.

Summoner DescriptionEdit

The Summoner doesn't have the sort of direct damage skills the Evoker possesses. What the Summoner does have is a plethora of summoning skills, and skills to control and direct those minions. They also have a great deal of freedom in picking a weapon, since a Focus Item is not required to cast any of the summoning skills (only Drain Life and Elemental Drain requires a Focus Item. A high level Summoner will likely spend most of their time managing their minions, directing them to destroy their enemies while using other skills and direct weapon damage to support the efforts of their minions.

The Reaper is the only Summoner pet that is on a timer, all other summoned minions will stay until they die, you die, or you go into a friendly Town. You can only have one Minion in play at a time and summoning Minions have a longer Cast Time and Rate of Use than summoning Elementals. Summoned Elementals work in a similar way, but with the difference that their numbers increase with skill level, and that they will lower your Power pool, so you can't have an infinite amount. In practice with a build specifically geared towards summoning elementals I can get about 17 elementals into play at once. It is definitely possible to have your Minion be the primary source of damage dealing. Whether or not they do more damage than Elementals depends on the type of Elemental vs. the type of Minion, but the general rule is that Elementals gather their strength from numbers and have to be constantly resummoned since they're relatively fragile where as Minions are much stronger, but if you let them die you better run.


Starting EquipmentEdit

A new Summoner starts off with a Firedart Pistol (that does an explosion a second after impact) and cosmetic clothing armor that provides no defensive value.

Summoner SkillsEdit

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There is more information on skills on the Summoner Skills page.

Skill BuildsEdit

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Summoner EquipmentEdit

The Summoner can use the same weapons and items as the Evoker, but have much less use of a Focus Item, and can use more items like a Locust Rifle to support his\her Minions and Elementals.