This page is for anything that is not clearly expressed by the in-game Tooltips that would cause you to go "wow, really?" upon reading.

On Hit works on doodadsEdit

If you have a weapon that has an "on hit" mod or effect that effect will trigger when you hit doodads (barrels, boxes, etc). Also, the effect spawns from your character, not the item/mob you kill.

Construction Drones can use any class's weapon/armorEdit

Drone with cabalist gun


Once the drone has been upgraded with the ability to equip a gun, it can use the gun of any class as long as it meets the character level and stat requirements. Similarly it can also use the armor of any class once that skill has been unlocked.

Templar can FPSEdit

The Templar class starts off with swords and seems to be forced in a 3rd person view. However when either dual-wielding or single-wielding guns the Templar are able to go into first person shooter mode, corsair and all.