As of 07-28-11 to 08-04-11 two in-game pets are available for 10k tCoin each. Each of these are character bound, not account. They are summoned from a 1x1 item (must stay in inventory). The pets have no duration and are invulnerable, but they also do not attack. Their primary effect is to give stat bonuses.

These stat bonuses only effect the caster, they do not effect party members.


  • Sekworm Right
  • Sekworm Left
  • Sekworm Front
  • Sekworm Back
  • Sekworm Dying
  • Gives Health +400
  • Gives Power +200


  • Shulgoth Back
  • Shulgoth Dying
  • Shulgoth Front
  • Shulgoth Left
  • Shulgoth Right
  • Gives Shield +400
  • Gives Armor +200