Hulking, brutish creatures with a disturbing mouthful of razor-sharp teeth for a head. These demons have been tagged with the nickname Minions because of their deployment as the shock troops of the underworld. Minions employ demon-crafted weaponry that attaches directly to the ends of their arms, replacing their hands in some cases. From an assortment of wicked melee weapons to a variety of ranged armaments, a group of these demons can make patrolling London an extremely dangerous endeavor.

Certain Minions have rigid leather straps protruding from their shoulder armor. Long lengths of chain can be attached to these straps, allowing the Minion to keep control over several smaller beast caste demons - or worse. Also, as True Demons, Minions are sometimes overheard speaking amongst themselves. A few have learned human speech, and to hear them calling out to their prey is not for the weak of heart.

There are several factions of Minions, as well as clear distinctions between their roles within the armies of Hell.

Types of MinionsEdit

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Properties in-game of MinionsEdit

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