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Hellgate Global is a game where Hell has taken over Earth and you are part of the Refugees in London's Underground. You can play as either a Sword-Wielding Templar, a Gun-Blazing Hunter, or a Magic-Casting Cabalist.

This Wikia site is dedicated to helping you survive Hell.

The Hellgate Global Wiki is not affiliated with T3Fun, Flagship Studios, Hanbitsoft, or any other corporate entity that is directly involved with the Hellgate game.

We are just fans and, as such, do NOT have detailed data or statistics on anything. Everything you find on this Wikia is from guess work. If any information is believed to be incorrect, please correct it.

Updates to this Wikia are reliant entirely on the Wikia's community.

This Wikia is currently in it's infancy so any help is appreciated. Making any of the pages found on either of the Template:Content1, Template:Content2, or Template:Content3 pages would help greatly, especially if you play a particular class regularly (I only know Engineers fairly well).

Also creating pages about aspects of the game you know would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance, Кэне_零三 09:29, July 10, 2011 (UTC)

Gameplay Mechanics, ? & Hellgate: Related infoEdit

Gameplay Mechanics ? Hellgate Related Info
The Mini-game The Story (Back story)
Difficulty Modes
Weapon Accuracy and spread
Random interesting facts about HG:G
List of Emotes

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