In Hellgate: Global there are three different classes of characters, each class has two types.


Flavor text: Templars are of an order of divine warriors who wish to preserve humanity and smite the Great Dark that has fallen upon the world.

Types:Guardians and Blademasters.

Benefits: High damage tolerance - strong weapons/skills at close range (>5m) - Gets stronger the more enemies in melee range

Drawbacks: Permanent 3rd person view - extremely weak at Medium to Long range (5m<)


Flavor text: Cabalists are seekers of knowledge who want to control the fate of mankind by studying the Great Dark and using their powers.

TypesSummoner and Evokers

Benefits: Option of first or 3rd person view - Strong abilities at any range (5m-30m) - Skills element changes with focus weapon

Drawbacks: Medium to Low damage tolerance - physical weapons lack "oomph"


Flavor text: Hunters are highly trained ex-military operatives who have been through almost every warlike scenario imaginable.

Types:Marksmen and Engineers

Benefits: Option of first or 3rd person view - Skills that boost physical weapons - Strong weapons at Medium range (10m-40m)

Drawbacks: Few direct-damage skills - Weak against crowds of enemies