The Augmentrex 3000 is used to apply an additional random attribute to items. The Augmentrex 3000 can be found most stations. The amount of Palladium needed depends on the quality of the added ability and the rarity of the item that is to be modified.

The basic formula for the costs:


  • Every item may only carry three upgrades, regardless of the type.
  • There is also no way to undo an augment once it has been applied.
  • >unconfirmed< It seems to be a tendency for the augmentations received in the Augumentrex to be for the *sister* class instead of your own (example: if you are a Summoner using the Augumentrex, you will more likely get augmentations that are more useful/specific to the Evoker class, like +evoker skills, than to your own summoner class) >unconfirmed<
  • Legendary augmentations on weapons have a high chance of being +2 or +3 to a skill. Often, even if it is a skill your character can use, it's still not a skill your build uses. Expect the attribute requirements for equipping the item to increase rather steeply, regardless. The Augmentrex 3000 is a very dangerous way to improve an item.