Mini-boss type: Instance Size: Instance Type: Associated Quests: Unique non-quest mobs:
Stalker Medium Subway Tunnels Wart's Secret
Night of the Zombies
Typhoid Mary*
  • Typhoid Mary is part of a quest, but she will spawn before and after the quest has been acquired/completed.


The Covent Garden Approach is unique for being the first zone where you will encounter with Fellbores. It is your first taste of the (soon to get trite and monotonous) Subway Tunnels, and the only "bridge" between two stations that doesn't consist of two or more zones.

Types of EnemiesEdit

The Covent Garden Approach features the following types of level 3 Hellspawn:

Quest: Wart's SecretEdit

Kill 12 Fellbores, if you somehow manage not to complete this quest while getting to Covent Garden Station I'd be surprised.

Upon completing this quest you will receive 1650 xp and +1 stat point(s)

Quest: Night of the ZombiesEdit

At last, the final of this cheesy reference to the "of the dead" Zombie horror flicks is upon you. Just kill the Unique mob Typhoid Mary and you can kiss this reference goodbye.