Mini-boss type: Instance Size: Instance Type: Associated Quests: Unique non-quest mobs:
Stalker Small Building Interior Break on Through
Day of the Zombies
Sumatran Rat Monkey


Holborn Access Shafts is the first zone where you will encounter an enemy other than a Necro! Typically it is a Beast type, but possibly a Demon Imp or minion (Three cheers for variety)!

This is a dead-end zone with it primarily being notable as a farming zone for the unique (but blue "Rare" quality) Relic Rat Monkey Claw.

Types of EnemiesEdit

Holborn Access Shafts host Three (3) types of hellspawn, but only Two (2) types at a time will spawn within. The constant seems to be level 2 Beast type Stalkers. The wild cards are the level 2 Demons (Imp Snipers/Shock Husks) and the level 2 Necros (Zombies and Blood Zombies)

Quest: Break on ThroughEdit

You need to find 8 1.21 Gigawatt Capacitors. These are 1x1 items that will drop off of any enemy within the Holborn Access Shafts. Most often you will find all of them before reaching the end of the level.

Quest: Day of the ZombiesEdit

You need to kill 3 Blood Zombies. These Zombies will appear randomly in the Access Shafts. If you have trouble finding them, reset the zone and a new set of will spawn while keeping your current quest kill count.


The Holborn Access Shafts are of a non-practical design, like a never ending "fire exit" from a mall. They are either a series of stairwells taking you one floor down until you reach a dead end or a one-floor office-building interior layout.