Mini-boss type: Instance Size: Instance Type: Associated Quests: Unique non-quest mobs:
Flesh Golem Small Surface-level Streets A leg up
A leg up (Repeatable)
Dawn of the Zombies


Tottenham Court is a Special Adventure Area, meaning it will be the same every time you visit it, even after completing the story quest related to it. The Primary use of this zone is to serve as home to the repeatable quest A leg up (repeatable)

Types of EnemiesEdit

Russell Square is occupied by two types of level 1 Necros: Zombies and Flesh Golemsw

Quest: A leg upEdit

In this quest you have to help little Joey's prosthetic leg (his dad called him "Wart"). In order to do this you must defeat the Unique mob Tantorus. Upon defeating him, loot his corpse and you will find Joey's Leg. The quest rewards you with Wart's Peg Leg (a reference to Diablo 2).

Quest: A leg up (Repeatable)Edit

In this quest you only have to kill one unique Flesh Golem, no need to loot it this time. This quest is the only repeatable quest in Hellgate: Global because Holborn Station is the only station where you cannot get 500 Reputation with their faction with the standard quests. The goal is to kill the quest-unique mob Fat Bully.

Quest: Dawn of the ZombiesEdit

Kill any 10 Zombies. Any 10 of the normal zombies that populate this zone by the dozens, that's it.


Tottenham Court is a small zone with three different layouts. A small "L" shape, a curving "j" shape, and an upside down "L" shaped map.