Mini-boss type: Instance Size: Instance Type: Associated Quests: Unique non-quest mobs:
Flesh Golem Small Surface-level Streets None None


South Hampton Row's primary purpose is to teach you about "Hell Occupants" or the Mini-boss as it is popularly called, this is however a skippable objective. Aside from this South Hampton Row is just a zone between Holborn Station and Russell Square to the unlucky as the lucky will be treated to their first Hell gate in this zone. Unlike other zones, it is uncommon not to find a Hell gate in South Hampton Row upon your first journey through.

Types of EnemiesEdit

South Hampton Row is occupied by two types of level 1 Necros: Zombies and Flesh Golems


South Hampton Row is a small zone usually consisting of a curved-tail holy cross type map or a long "j" shaped map ending or beginning with a surface-to-subway train wreck.