Mini-boss type: Instance Size: Instance Type: Associated Quests: Unique non-quest mobs:
Zombie Small Green Park & back alley Fawkes Hunt None


Russell Square is accessible through South Hampton Row. Similar to the previous zone, only the unlucky will miss their first opportunity to enter a Hidden Passage as the path commonly appears in the narrow back alley between your starting location and objective on your first run through this instance, however appearances after seem to be random. Russell Square is a destination zone, meaning it does not lead to any other zones or stations.

Types of EnemiesEdit

Russell Square is occupied by two types of level 1 Necros: Zombies and Flesh Golems

Quest: Fawkes HuntEdit

A templar seraph
The primary purpose of this zone is to find A Templar Seraph and recover the 1x1 item a message from Dr. Fawkes.


Russell Square seems to always be the same map layout. Starting off on the left side of a small green grass park, taking a back-alley on the far right of starting park, taking a left turn into the medium-sized green grass park and finding A Templar Seraph on the far side slightly to the right.